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Welcome to How to Style Me. I hope you will join us in making this site a go-to resource for everything Wardrobe Essentials and Fashion Basics/staples

Many women worry about the idea of having fewer clothes. They worry about getting bored and looking predictable. But, it’s really versatility and not boring predictability the whole point of having a capsule wardrobe. Yep, a capsule wardrobe is very versatile and you can wear it in many combinations…

And let’s face it, those boring fashion staples are, after all, those wear-forever clothing pieces that remain a constant in your life despite fashion’s revolving door of trends. They are meant to be a blank canvas that you can layer on to.

Here you’ll learn how to build from scratch a functional and fashion forward wardrobe using interchangeable staples, foundation clothing pieces and seasonal fashion trends.  Sometimes basics can be over looked, but they are essential to timeless and easy style. You can create your entire wardrobe out of easy and versatile basics to make getting dressed effortless and chic…

How to style me - Style staples/ fashion basics

Style staples or fashion basics are the building blocks of a versatile and style forward wardrobe, and a great blank canvas that you can build the rest of your wardrobe on.

Discover how this interchangeable style of clothes is the foundation for attaining your own style identity…

 Think of your closet ‘essentials’, or ‘staples’, as the basic elements for building your wardrobe foundation. The ‘essentials’ are like the main ingredients of a cooking recipe: sugar, salt and flour. Just add the rest of the ingredients: trends in fashion and accessories, mix and match and voilà… a functional and fashion forward wardrobe. The end of never having anything to wear despite a wardrobe fit to burst!

The live abundantly with less Formula

Quality of Life > Quantity of Stuff

Because “You can’t organize clutter!

As a society we have been falsely led to believe that what we need in order to be happy is more stuff…more clothes, more money, more clothes… but, for me, it took a dramatic household move to realize I would be much happier with less.

It’s no wonder so many of us are “stressed out.” More stuff equals more stress because now we are in charge of taking care of, organizing, and maintaining all of our stuff. We have so many things to manage on a daily basis, it’s way more than we humans are equipped to handle. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to kept asking yourself the question…“Where did all this stuff come from?”


Fashion vs. Style

How to style me - Style staples/ fashion basics Fashion is cyclical  in nature – it’s always shifting – and remains in vogue until another style trend comes along. Fashion dictates what is or isn’t consider as popular and trendy ‘in style clothes’, in a given period of time and place. The concept of Fashion has to do with the clothing, the items deemed to be fashionable…

Style, on the other hand, is permanent, unique and timeless. It’s your own, your signature look. Style is cultivated like fine wine in a process of trial and error. It involves intelligent consideration, thought and inspiration. The concept of style, has to do with utilizing the best aspects of you, it has to do with the person…

Style is about expressing yourself from within, from knowing with confidence who you are – your sense of self – and not trying to be some body else… Because confidence is the best outfit of all… Sociologist Dr. Ruth Quibell suggests that we may wish to ‘strengthen our sense of self, our character, rather than simply letting fashion uniforms do the talking’…

Style me up - find my style identity - fashion basics - style staplesNow, do you want to be a style leader…

or do you want to follow the fashion herd?


Advantages of Capsules

 For one thing, you can design your wardrobe according to your daily activities… based on what designers and wardrobe stylist call ‘capsules’. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of fashion basics or staples, essential items of clothing classic in style, that will not go out of fashion as they are intended to be kept for a number of years.

These capsules are designed using only interchangeable items, timeless style staples, in order to maximize the number of outfits which can be created. It is wise to choose ‘high-quality’ classic staples for a capsule wardrobe that can then be updated with great, trendy, seasonal pieces.

Ensure that the number of items in your closet is effective for each activity in your daily life. For example, an X capsule can have 10 items that are then combined in more or less 50 different outfits. You can assemble capsules of  7 , 9, 12, 20… garments. Adding the right accessories and fashion trends make the capsule wardrobe well-rounded and workable.

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The key here is planning…

Start with a comprehensive assessment of your ‘body shape’… remember, Dress for Your Shape not Your Weight ( rectangle , apple , pear , hourglass , triangle )

Then, define a color scheme, based on what colors suit you. This depends upon the color of your skin, hair and eyes. This is key as your best colors are the color tones that make you look your best…

Now that you know your colors, choose your ‘base colors’ in neutral, then choose your ‘accent colors’, which are brighter than the base colors and would typically be used for accessories, tops and dresses. Bright and intense colors add visual weight, while muted, neutral colors reduce visual weight. Take that into consideration when deciding what color goes where (top or bottom), according to your body shape.

Once a color scheme is established, all the items in a wardrobe (style staples/ fashion basics and fashion trends) should be interchangeable. Base and accent colors must co-ordinate with each other and complement each other.

Take a good look at your closet, chances are there’s loads of undiscovered potential hanging right in front of you… Shop your closet!

Next step, you have to analyze your clothesBe prepared to clear out your closet completely and do some serious…

Closet Editing

Style staples/ fashion basics

Quality, not quantity is what ensures you look and feel great – A stylish woman does not need to wear something different every day of the week, but she will want to wear it differently. Remember …

  • It’s really the fabric and the simplicity of cut that give clothing pieces their longevity.
  • It’s false that if you hang on to your clothes long enough, they’ll come around again and be fashionable. The truth is, they never come back identically, which will give away the age of your old clothes.
  • Even if the clothes haven’t aged, you have. Wearing clothes that you wore 15-20 years ago actually ages you more.

Closet flowchart – Closet detox

So here’s how I do it

Image Source: Vogue

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When everything in your wardrobe makes you look and feel great makes you realize that less is most definitely more. Now that your wardrobe has only the pieces that you love, you can use this as the basis for managing your capsule going forward.


Then, go shopping!

The trick is to buy clothes that keep you feeling young and attractive – and to regularly edit your wardrobe as described.

Shopping for style staples / fashion basics

As always, thank you for reading.

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  1. Thank you so much for this posts! I’m leaving for a semester abroad next Fall and this (along with your “Top 40 Timeless Style Staples” ) is perfect!

  2. I am currently trying to create an ‘adult’ wardrobe for when I graduate college and have been looking for a guide exactly like this:) Thank you so much, I really appreciate your efforts with this amazing site, it’s been a tremendous help!

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