AboutHey there, I’m your host Diana Gascon. Welcome to How to Style Me.

Ever since I was a little girl, fashion has been my love and my playground…

That love for fashion and design led me to studying Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising and Interior Design at MDC (Miami Dade College), FIT (Fashion institute of technology/ State University of New York (NYU) and Ce Art Institute in Bogota Colombia, respectively.

Let me tell you, over time I have seen many fashion fads come and go but the items that have prevailed and withstood time are the fashion basics, the wardrobe staples, the ‘essentials’, or what we all know as ‘the must haves’… these classics are the backbone of fashion which a truly stylish woman shouldn’t be without…

8.jpg BIENI invite you to discover the wonders of style staples which are the cornerstone for building a functional and fashion forward wardrobe. Learn how to build from scratch the foundation for attaining your own personal style using interchangeable staples or basic clothing pieces and seasonal fashion trends.

Our list of ‘Top 40 Style Staples‘ is a guide meant to be adapted to your own clothes style, body type and personality, it is not carved in stone you know…

Have fun creating your own capsule wardrobe, find your style identity and  express yourself on the catwalk of life 😉

How to Style Me HOW TO STYLE ME

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