The Closet Detox Process

Work, casual wear, or special occasions can become a fashion nightmare when you don’t have a personal style… Having style is not the same as being in style. Being in style is being trendy and fashionable but not necessarily stylish. If you are looking for the best way to find your own sense of style then I’m glad you’ve found this site and I strongly suggest that you keep reading…

How to Style Me Up - Capsule wardrobe - style staples/ fashion basics

Defining your personal style is undoubtedly one of the trickiest but most essential steps during a wardrobe revamp. Creating a clear profile of your style will give you a road map for the next steps of your wardrobe revamp.

With your style profile on hand, you can pinpoint exactly what pieces you still need for you to be able to express your style and create a versatile mix-and-match system. Your style profile will help you stick to shopping resolutions so much easier because you’ll be able to confidently say “yep that’s my style” or “no that piece is definitely not me”.

You may find that after taking inventory and finally cleaning out your closet you’ve uncovered your personal style! Take a good look at what you reach for again and again  and let your clothes do the talking… Is the style classic, feminine, casual. preppy, boho, modern, tomboy, relaxed, playful, outdoorsy, colorful, retro, minimal…

Defining your personal style is the first step in developing a signature look. Your signature look can be super punctual –you can create your signature look around a specific set of pieces that you wear a lot with only minor variations. Or you can come up with a more loose formula that you can implement with more flexibility.

But either way, your signature look is the flagship look of your own personal style. It should represent its core elements, the essence of your style, all in one outfit (your uniform), the outfit people picture you wearing when they think of you.

Once you have found your style, you can focus on optimizing it. So Let’s dive in!


Welcome to Closet Detox Project

The Process…

1.  You have to analyze yourself. Dress for your silhouette (shape) not your weight…

Thin and heavy silhouetes - Dress for your silhouette (shape) not your weight...Same hourglass silhouette, different body weight

Find Your Body Shape…

Hourglass Body Shape

Rectangle or Boyish Body shape

Triangle Body Shape

Pear Body Shape

Apple Body Shape

Style me up - How to Style Me HOW TO STYLE ME – STYLE ME UP

2. CLOSET DETOXDe-clutter. Clear out your closet completely

How to Style Me - Clear out your closet completely.. Analyze your clothes and be prepared to get rid of … Anything that doesn’t fit, that you no longer wear or does not flatter your figure. Anything you don’t love and adore and that’s not that into you… Anything that does not match your lifestyle and that goes with nothing (well, except if it’s one of those things you love and adore).

So here’s how I do it

Image Source: Vogue

 Although some stylists recommend that you choose your 30-40 wardrobe essentials, box up the remainder of your wardrobe, seal it with tape and put it out of sight… that’s really not what we call a Closet Detox… That’s just moving “stuff” from your closet to storage bins. And while it may seem smart to hang on to things just to have more variety, it’s not variety if you’re not wearing it, it’s just stuff.

But, you can try that approach if you’re not sure yet and want to remain in your comfort zone for a while. And that’s okay. We are biologically wired to stay within a certain zone of comfort and to avoid the seemingly unnecessary pain that comes from stretching beyond it…

Now, look at what’s left…

2. Focus on fashion basics/ wardrobe staples 

These are the ‘essential’ items, in basic or neutral colors, that  you mix and match with other pieces in your closet to create great outfits.

Closet Staples 101

Closet Staples 101: Your closet staples must be:

*A blank canvas that you can build your outfits on

*Classic and timeless pieces that never go out of style

*Versatile and able to adapt to many different occasions

*Outfit multipliers :  Mix and match 10 staples  =  50 outfits

*Outfit saviors:  Help balance out and tone down a trendy outfit

*High quality items, neutral in color, that wear and fit to perfection.

Check out  Top 40 Timeless Style Staples

 wardrobe staples: wardrobe essentialsStyle me up - How to Style Me iconHOW TO STYLE ME – STYLE ME UP


3 . Neutrals Go With Everything and Clash with Nothing…

Capsule wardrobe - black, gray, navy, taupe neutralsCapsule wardrobe - golden and rose beige neutralsGo for wardrobe staples or fashion basics in neutral colors such as black, white and gray (the ‘true’ neutrals). Beige or tan, camel, brown and navy are the ‘new neutrals’. These neutrals combine with each other and most colors, and they always look understated and classic.

Neutral colors such as black, white, or tan are easy to mix and match. If you like color in your wardrobe, you can incorporate them in your accessories. Just match them up with a neutral color. For example, a printed top with a neutral bottom and a touch of color (scarf, purse) will look great.


 Breaking free of the constraints set by the ‘true’ neutral definition, these ‘new’ neutrals are the most muted versions of the three primates, red, yellow and blue. All colors are created from the three primates, so even though the ‘new’ neutrals have only the smallest hint of color, they’re still a tone of the three primates.

Condensed chart

Style me up - The New Neutrals Pallete - Capsule wardrobeExtended  chart

Yellow,blue and red-toned neutrals chart

Style me up - Yellow,blue and red-toned neutrals chart - Capsule wardrobe
(BEHR Color Chart)

 Style me up - How to Style Me icon HOW TO STYLE ME – STYLE ME UP

4. Know your colors. Click Here

Learn how color can complement your eyes, hair and skin color.

Color wheel - capsule wardrobe

 Having looked at your existing wardrobe, and having done the thinking, now…

5. Time to go shopping!

Only when you’ve decided ‘what you need’, go shopping. You don’t have to replenish your wardrobe all in one go.

Your clothing layout will depend on your lifestyle. Get your wardrobe staples or fashion basics first, then incorporate fashion trends. Seasonal, trendy pieces, in small doses, keep your wardrobe updated, well rounded and workable.

  •  Do not buy clothes that you feel uncomfortable in, just because they are in style.
  • Try to stay clear of having any multiples of any one item, and use as many neutrals as possible.
  • Finding items that can be mixed and matched with other items will give you more outfit options.
  • Once your wardrobe has only the pieces that you love, you can use this as the basis for managing your capsule going forward.

Stile me up - Fashion trends - Capsule wardrobe6. Learn how to layer successfully (clothing and jewelry ) to add more dimension to your outfits.

You can easily transform your staples by layering clothes and accessories, it allows you to mix and match a wider variety of styles, colors and textures.Capsule wardrobe - Layering - shorts and cardigan outfit

7. Accessorize

Punch up your wardrobe staples or fashion basics by adding  some great accessories such as shoes, handbags, belts jewelry, scarves, hats, etc.

Style me up - Accessories - great accessories such as shoes, handbags, belts jewelry, scarves, hats, etc.

You can find great vintage and statement pieces in thrift or consignment stores. Thrift stores are an opportunity to develop your own unique sense of style.

Style me up - Great vintage and statement pieces

How to Style Me - Style me up HOW TO STYLE ME

8. Don’t forget underwear, a good foundation is essential

A fabulous outfit begins with the perfect ‘under’ wear…

Check out here the #1 RED CARPET SECRET 

9. And last but not least, wear your clothes with confidence. Confidence is your best outfit.


Still want more? Check out how we can help

How to Style Me - Style me up HOW TO STYLE ME – STYLE ME UP

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